Where are all my leads?

Are you struggling to bring in new leads through your website? 

A good lead generation strategy has 3 parts to it: a traffic source (paid search, social ads, etc.), a lead gen page (landing page, lead magnet, forms), and a follow-up campaign (email, SMS, phone calls). 

The follow-up is where you want your users to be because that’s what leads to the sale. What if you’re having trouble getting more people into that part of the lead funnel? Often times it’s not an issue with only the traffic source or the lead gen page but a combination. 

Keyword Strategy

Evaluate your keyword strategy. Are your keywords coordinating with your ad copy? Do you have supporting keywords in the content on your landing page?


Track and analyze your landing page. Using Google Analytics and tools like Hotjar you can evaluate your data and find clues why your traffic isn’t bringing in the leads you expected. 

A/B Testing

Once you have a hypothesis on what can be improved, test it out! A/B testing is the best way to find out if your improvement will bring the results you’re looking for. 

Lead generation can take your business to new heights, it may just need a little TLC at the beginning to find what works. When you find what works for your business, watch it take off.

If you struggle with strategy, tracking, or just implementing a lead generation funnel, Phantm Marketing has you covered. We offer the services you need to get a strong lead generation funnel to take your business to the next level. 

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