Are you dreading migrating to Google Analytics 4?

You can do it yourself with our simple Google Tag Manager recipe to add GA4 to your website with ease. Download and follow the instructions with the template. 

Google announced the Sunset date for Universal Analytics and the clock is ticking...

Google Universal Analytics properties will no longer be able to receive data starting on July 1, 2023. This means that you need to get your website and business migrated to the new and improved GA4 platform asap. The sooner the better so you can collect that historic data and get your team adjusted to the new platform. All of this change can be, well, overwhelming. 

Meet your goals

When you can track your website activity, you can measure your success.

Identify Obstacles

Review the data the you actually care about. Build reports that tell a story about your website.

Plan Action Strategy

Not sure where to begin? We can build a plan of action that fits your business needs. From setup to clean up we have you covered.

We know making a move to a new platform can be daunting

We’ve helped clients like you build their analytics to capture their goals in the new Google Analytics 4 platform. 

We can help set up GA4 on your WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace or any other site.  

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Getting started with website analytics and tracking the success of your marketing campaigns is simple with Phantm Marketing. Contact Us Today!

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